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The Chair shall preside over all meetings of NJCFE and shall be the principal executive officer of the Coalition, and exercise general supervision over the affairs of the organization, its officers and personnel, consistent with Coalition’s Policies and Procedures.

Vice President

The Vice-Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Coalition in the absence of the President and shall oversee all projects of the Coalition.


The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and records of the organization, prepare and send correspondence and reports, ensure that all filings are conducted, prepare and manage NJCFE’s annual budget and finances, maintain accurate records of receipts and expenditures, and furnish financial statements at all meetings.


Please submit all nominations to Barbara O’Neill, head of the Nominating Commitee, by October 22nd.

Complete qualifications and terms of office can be found in NJCFE Bylaws, Sections IV and V.